Are population problems to be feared?

A wise man once said one of the most serious challenges to human destiny in the last third of this century will be the growth of population. Generally, most countries in the world today are faced with population problems, should it be good or bad.

In this modern world, we are somewhat creating and destroying ourselves at the same time. Some facing an over population, other with under population and an ageing population. THis problem can seriously affect a country’s progress to success, thus posing a serious threat to any country. 

Firstly, Overpopulation causes an overuse of resources, resulting in famine. On the other hand, countries facing under population will result in a smaller workforce compared to other thriving countries. Resulting in the country not being able to prosper. Lastly, ageing population will cause a burden to the current workforce. Extra facilities will be built for the elderly instead of putting the resources into better use. 

However, in my opinion, fearing such problems are only to a small extent. Technology has advanced over the years, reducing the impacts of such problems. 

Hence, my stand is that despite these problems countries are facing, with a little cooperation between everyone, I am sure the situation will improve. Henceforth, I feel that there should not be much to fear. 

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